⛓️IPFS Decentralized Onchain Storage

SolBlock AI uses IPFS as a storage layer for cost effective media and content storage while remaining fully on chain.

What is IPFS?

IPFS, (https://ipfs.tech) which stands for InterPlanetary File System, is a decentralized peer-to-peer file-sharing system that aims to make the web faster, safer, and more open. It operates by creating a unique fingerprint (hash) for each file and storing files across a network of peers. This technique not only ensures data permanence and reduces redundancy but also improves access speeds by fetching files from the nearest node in the network.

Hosting Media and Content on Blockchain with IPFS

SolBlock AI leverages IPFS for hosting media and content in a cost-effective manner by combining the security and immutability of blockchain technology with the efficient storage and retrieval capabilities of IPFS. Here's how it achieves this:

  • Decentralization: By storing files across a network of computers instead of a centralized server, IPFS avoids the cost and vulnerabilities associated with central points of failure.

  • Efficiency: IPFS retrieves content from the closest node available, making the delivery of media and content faster and reducing bandwidth costs.

  • Immutable URLs: Each piece of content on IPFS is addressed by its content rather than its location, meaning once something is uploaded, it cannot be tampered with. This ensures that the original content remains unchanged and accessible perpetually, aligning with the principles of blockchain technology.

  • Integration with Blockchain: Using IPFS for storage and blockchain for transactions allows SolBlock AI to create a tamper-proof record of media and content ownership, distribution, and access.

Through the integration of IPFS, SolBlock AI provides a solution that not only reduces the costs associated with hosting large files but also ensures data integrity and availability in a decentralized manner. This approach offers an attractive alternative to traditional content delivery networks and storage solutions, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective distribution of digital content.

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